Intimate laser hair removal – The bottom line!

Intimate laser hair removal – The bottom line!

Whether you’re tired of buying razor after razor, don’t want to keep scheduling waxing appointments, or want to say goodbye to itchy razor burn and ingrown hairs, laser hair removal may be something for you to consider.  

For some women the benefits are:

  1. More self-confident
  2. Happier with their appearance
  3. Match their active lifestyle of yoga, sports, swimming without worry
  4. No ingrown hairs
  5. Personal hygiene
  6. No more shaving and waxing
  7. Saves time
  8. No irritations

All intimate treatments are performed by Katie, who has seen it all before! We know it can feel a bit embarrassing but Katie will put you at ease and ensure that your treatment is as discreet as possible, and with as much dignity as possible, given the circumstances. 

We use a medical grade triple wavelength diode laser suitable for all skin types, it doesn’t hurt like some IPL and laser machines, it’s super fast and virtually pain free, you may just feel a warm sensation on the sensitive areas. It is so quick it’s over with before you know it!

So if you want a gentle tidy-up of the bikini area, or a full clearance from front to back, why not Book a consultation and patch test and let’s get you defuzzed!

Herts Laser and Beauty Clinic
Herts Laser and Beauty Clinic