What to ask at your laser hair removal consultation.

What to ask at your laser hair removal consultation.

Katie will go through everything with you at your consultation but you may have some burning questions of your own!

Firstly why do you need a consultation for hair removal?

The consultation allows us to best assess your needs and to make sure that you are suitable to have laser hair removal treatments. For you, it’s a chance to see the clinic, meet Katie and ask any questions before making any final decision.

It is always better to prepare and even have a list of questions written down in advance. It’s totally ok to pull out a crumpled piece of paper with your questions on or to have them on your mobile.

It will avoid the all too common situation after your consultation, when you are about to reach home, you put your key in the door and that question you forgot to ask magically pops into your brain. We’ve all been there!

So here’s a few questions you might like to ask.

  1. Suitability for treatment
  2. Price & special offers
  3. How do you pay
  4. Technology used
  5. Cancellation policy
  6. Side effects
  7. Before and after care
  8. Realistic expectations
  9. Having a tan

See you at your informal consultation soon

Katie x